Can you take out renter's insurance with a pit bull?

Nationwide offers renters and homeowners insurance to those who own pit bulls if they have also obtained a Canine Good Citizen Certificate (CGC). The CGC programme is run by the American Kennel Club and the certificate is awarded to dogs that meet certain behavioural standards. If you are considering a pit bull as a pet and already have homeowners or renters insurance, contact your agent to see if an umbrella policy offers coverage. Dogs known to be aggressive, trained attack dogs, unneutered male dogs and dogs with a history of biting are usually excluded, according to American Family Insurance.

Some insurance companies exclude large dogs and certain breeds, such as pit bulls, from liability coverage. Ronda Lee is an associate insurance editor at Personal Finance Insider and covers life, auto, homeowners and renters insurance for consumers. This is a stand-alone policy that is useful if your homeowners or renters insurance does not provide coverage for your breed. However, some homeowners and renters insurance companies do not offer coverage based on the size and breed of the dog, especially large dogs and breeds considered aggressive.

If you have homeowners or renters insurance, dog bites are covered under your policy's liability coverage. Failure to notify your insurance company of the type of breed may result in denial of your claim, in which case you would be personally liable for the costs. An umbrella policy is additional liability coverage that is available as a rider to your homeowners or renters insurance.

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