Where to get renter's insurance?

They offer an innovative platform that allows you to get renters insurance, as well as security deposit insurance and lease guarantor services. Geico is best known for its car insurance (and its mascot Gecko), but it also offers renters insurance and much more. Once you know what you own, you can decide if you have any special items, such as jewellery or art, that would not be covered by most renters insurance policies. You'll want to buy renters insurance with personal property coverage limits close to or higher than the value of your belongings.

But wealthy renters also need renters insurance as a way to mitigate the financial cost of damaging and unexpected events. Apart from its military focus, what sets USAA apart from other renters insurance companies is the fact that flood and earthquake damage are covered by its standard renters policy. As a result, renters insurance seems like an afterthought for the company as the site to apply is difficult to navigate and find information on. If you want coverage for this, make sure that dog bites are included in the liability portion of your renters insurance policy and that the breed you own is not excluded.

The Hartford targets older renters through its association with AARP, although non-members can also obtain a policy through the company's network of independent agents. Be sure to enter the same limits for each type of coverage when shopping for renters insurance quotes for a direct comparison. With fewer consumer complaints than expected, according to the NAIC, American Family is a solid choice for renters insurance. The limits of a renters insurance policy still apply, but the coverage is certainly better than nothing.

You can get renters insurance from a variety of companies, from large providers like State Farm, Erie and Allstate, to smaller online-only insurers like Lemonade. To discover the most affordable options in your state or metro area, check out NerdWallet's best cheap renters insurance. For those looking for basic coverage, Assurant has a liability policy available for renters living in its partner properties.

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